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Founded fragment of Diocletian's tomb?


- During the actual conservation and restoration works in Split, very close to the Mausoleum inside the famous Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace, built as his residence 295-305 AD, Croatian archaeologists found a stone fragment for which it is assumed that it was part of the Emperor's lost sarcophagus.

Founded stone is a piece of porphyry, volcanic rock, which in ancient times was appreciated for its special red and deep purple colors and composition suitable for carving. It is considered the "imperial stone", and was called "imperial porphyry". According to old records, Diocletian was buried in a porphyry sarcophagus set in the middle of his mausoleum, the present day Split Cathedral. Tradition says the sarcophagus, along with many other porphyry sculptures and details, has been destroyed or thrown into the sea. In possession of the Archaeological Museum in Split there are several pieces porphyry stones found on the Palace premises. According to Split archaeologists more about the findings will be known for at least two months. Founded fragment probably comes from the quarry at Mons Porphyritis (Mountain porphyry, the Arabic Jabal Abu Dukhan) in Egypt, which seems to have been worked intermittently between 29 and 335 AD. (ico)

Assumed original appearance of the Mausoleum of Diocletian with the missing Emperor's porphyry sarcophagus

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New Year’s Day1 Jan
Epiphany6 Jan
Easter Monday25 Apr
Labour Day1 May
Corpus Christi23 Jun
Anti-Fascist Struggle Day22 Jun
Statehood Day25 Jun
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day5 Aug
Independence Day8 Oct
All Saints’ Day1 Nov
Assumption of Mary15 Nov
Christmas Day25 Dec
St Stephen’s Day26 Dec