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Medieval Croatian state (until 925)

The Croats arrived in what is today Croatia in the seventh century. They organized into two dukedoms: the duchy of Pannonian Croatia in the north and the duchy of Littoral Croatia in the south. The biggest part of Christianization of the Croats ended in the 9th century.

Croatian duke Trpimir I (845–864), founder of Trpimirović dynasty, fought successfully against Bulgarians, and against the Byzantine strategos in Zadar. He expanded his state in the east to the Drina River. The first native Croatian ruler recognized by a pope was duke Branimir, whom Pope John VIII called dux Croatorum in 879.

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Public Holidays in Croatia 2011
New Year’s Day1 Jan
Epiphany6 Jan
Easter Monday25 Apr
Labour Day1 May
Corpus Christi23 Jun
Anti-Fascist Struggle Day22 Jun
Statehood Day25 Jun
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day5 Aug
Independence Day8 Oct
All Saints’ Day1 Nov
Assumption of Mary15 Nov
Christmas Day25 Dec
St Stephen’s Day26 Dec