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Real estate market in Croatia

Croatian Real Estate market is still immature and in transition.
Due to strong demand by foreign buyers, tourist industry growth and new big infrastructure projects, construction activity and property prices have risen all along the Adriatic coastline and in capital Zagreb average 17% in year 2003. Some destinations rise more than 30%.
Lower interest rate on loans for Croatian citizens in august 2004 speed up new apartment price.
All agree: price will rice more as we closing to EU.

However, Croatia Real property prices are still favorable comparing to other European and especially Mediterranean countries.

Spain before 10 years or Mediterranean's next Riviera

As more and more European discover small Mediterranean country in southeast of Europe - more going to find residence on east side of Adriatic See. Still many lands, apartments, simple rural and old stone property waiting for new owners. Croatia have population density 78,5 per km and many undiscovered warm places waiting to be founded. Sea coast of 5835,3 km, especially 4000 km on Croatia islands offer many chances for investing amount in something promising in near future. Port villages, churches and palazzi, all built from the same Dalmatian stone attracting visitors from ancient times seek new owners.
Now, Dalmatia's coast is Mediterranean's next Riviera and hot investment opportunity in west and east.

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Public Holidays in Croatia 2011
New Year’s Day1 Jan
Epiphany6 Jan
Easter Monday25 Apr
Labour Day1 May
Corpus Christi23 Jun
Anti-Fascist Struggle Day22 Jun
Statehood Day25 Jun
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day5 Aug
Independence Day8 Oct
All Saints’ Day1 Nov
Assumption of Mary15 Nov
Christmas Day25 Dec
St Stephen’s Day26 Dec